Dr. Eng. Subhi Taha

     What is Dar Al Maarifah?

  • Dar Al Maarifah was established by Engineer Subhi Taha in the year 1986, in Damascus city, for publication and distribution scientific and traditional books and has published 240 titles.

  • Between 1991 and 1994 Dar Al-Maarifah had the honor of publishing Tajweed Qur'an, which obtained a patent given to engineer Subhi Taha. Since then it has specialized in serving the Noble Qur'an through the popularization of Tajweed Qur'an and implemented its use on CD's and video tapes in addition to the printed form of Tajweed Qur'an.

  • In 1996 Dar Al-Maarifah produced its first television program, which was called "The Visual Tajweed." The first episode was broadcasted from the satellite channels in the Holy month of Ramadan of that year. Since that time, Dar Al-Maarifah has continued to produce superior Quranic programs: "From Seven Quranic Readings" and "Quran Topics Encyclopedia" and still continues to work and improve in this field.

  • In 1999 The Islamic Research Academy of Al-Azhar Ash-Shareef had approved and adopted the Tajweed Qur'an published by Dar Al-Maarifah. The Qur'an Revision Committee recommended that no more than one copy of the Noble Qur'an should be allowed in the use of color-coding to indicate Tajweed Rules.

  • In Ramadan, 2001 Dar Al Maarifah had the honor of opening its new showroom, and called it "Qur'an House".

  • In 2002, Dar Al Maarifah added a new range to its work by pursuing a new industrial activity. Engineer Subhi Taha and his brother Adnan Taha established a special factory to manufacture "Al-Muneer" Devices according to universal high-class standards and for which a patent has already been given to engineers Subhi and Adnan Taha.

  • The owner of Dar Al Maarifah and its General Manager, Engineer Subhi Taha, was born in Damascus in 1941.

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