Reading the Noble Qur'an from Digital Pocket Qur'an (D.P.Q).
And listening to the voice of reciter Sa'ad Al-Gamedi

Real Uthmanic calligraphy, exactly as it is in the Noble Qur'an, Big colored letters, achieve your wish of listening to the Noble Qur'an or reciting it with Tajweed Rules.

            Whether you are in your office...                   or moving.

Especially during performing of OMRA & Hajj.

It helps you to memorize what you wish of verses,
by repeating them several times.

Also, it shows you the explanations of what you are reading.

In addition, there is meaning translation in English.

Also, you can read the Arabic text of the Noble Qur'an
with color-coding English letters.
You can hear Azan (call to prayer),
and indicate Qiblah direction allover the world.
Digital Pocket Qur'an (D.P.Q)
the distinguished gift to the distinguished persons.
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