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On the evening of the 11th of the holy month Ramadan, November 10, 2001, in the heart of Damascus, the new show room at Dar Al-Maarifah was unveiled.

Within the room, the Noble Quran in its various writings and calligraphies were prominently displayed. Also exhibited were the printed Tajweed Quran by its Readings and in different sizes, as well as translations of the Quran in various international languages.There were even computer CD-Rom discs and VCDs, & home video tapes, with recitations by well-known Qaris.

Additionally, Al-Muneer Devices which facilitate the reading of the (Quran Remotly from distance) were displayed. Undoubtedly, this distinguished showroom, equipped with the most-modern means of technology to serve the Noble Quran, deserves the merit of the title (Quran House), also, we have issued recently the digital pocket quran (DPQ)


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